The long, sandy beach

invites you to go for extended walks

… or watch sea turtles laying their eggs at night




The friendly village fishermen love to invite you to help pulling the net back to the beach or to a boating tour.

Bird lovers  

enjoy a visit to the natural bird’s paradise of the Kalametiya Lagoon.

A lovely tour with a catamaran boat lets you glide silently and peacefully through the magical Kalametiya lagoon.

Bicycle Tours  

On bicycle tours you can explore the special charm of the surrounding countryside

Daily Life

harvest of coconuts, doing the laundry in the river, shopping,

Spiritual Climate

In Buddhist Sri Lanka, each full moon day is a holiday (poya day). You can enjoy the spiritual climate by visiting a temple or listening to the mantra chanting that can be heard from the far distance.

Meditation and Yoga

Our beautiful temple is always open for Meditation and Yoga.