The Restaurant



The restaurant, which accommodates twenty guests, is open to the sides. Here, while enjoying your breakfast, you can also sit and look at the ocean, listen to the waves and watch the fishermen pulling in their huge net onto the beach, with all their forces combined.


A local cook prepares Sri Lankan and western food with loving care, such as fresh fruit, muesli with freshly grinded coconut or scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, various snacks and refreshing fruit juices, delicious coconut juice from our own palm grove ...

Foto Theresa Katona 

...and, above all, the speciality of our master cook: rice and curry in many different tasty variations, daily served at dinner time at 7:30 pm.

During the day you can choose  your food from a menu. There is a large variety of drinks, meals, snacks and other delicious goodies.

Very popular is an occasional barbecue in the evening, sitting around the fire. We use traditional coconut shells, which become an excellent char coal.

Under the open sky, we enjoy grilled fish and delicious curries as a pleasure for all our senses.