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… about travelling to Sri Lanka



Corona Situation

Since January 21, 2021, Sri Lanka has decided to re-open Colombo airport for tourists. However, since end of May, the airport is closed again until beginning of June.

We badly hope to open our AquaBeach Cabanas during next summer and are looking forward to welcome all our friends and guests to enjoy a good change after many weeks and months of lock down. Please feel free to inquire about booking your holiday at AquaBeach Cabanas.


There is no vaccination-duty. Please obtain information about your personal health risks from your general practitioner or a clinic for tropical medicine. For corona precautions, please follow the link below, under "Visa".




Information about the new visa regulations please find here.

Taxi and Transport

Public transport is cheap and easily available.

If required, we provide a taxi service from the airport (approximately less than four hours on the highway, about € 85,-).


It is easy to get by with English. Singhala and Tamil are both national languages with English commonly described as a link language.

Currency / Exchange rate

Sri Lankanischer Rupie: 1 EUR  = LKR 230/- (May 2021)


At the south coast November until April is high season. Temperature is never below 25°C. In November and December, there are sometimes warm rainy showers. The weather at present here.


Costs Cabanas AquaBeach Resort

Half board per person / double cabana € 40,- + 10% service charge

Half board per person / single cabana  € 52,- + 10% service charge




There is Wifi at AquaBeach though with limited data

AquaBeach (Pvt.) Ltd.

Gurupokuna-Hungama, Sri Lanka

November to April

Tel: +94-47-4920554

mobil +94-77-6030279

May to October

Tel: +49-175 252 11 05

Email: info(at)

"Pearl in the Indian Ocean"

"Island of the Gods"


those are ancient descriptions of Sri Lanka. Already the dealer in spice mentioned the indescribably beauty of "Serendib" how they used to call the island in those days.

Palm trees swaying in a picturesque way along endless beaches of the warm, blue ocean; rich jungles and lush green tea plantations in the hill country. Cultural richness and Ayurvedic health care mingle with a beautiful landscape as witnesses of thousand years old history. Many dagobas, statues and temples are expressions of deep religiousness.

You can experience the exotic animal life with an adventurous jeep safari in one of the many national parks. Last but not least Sri Lanka is worth a journey because of the natural friendliness and in-born hospitality of its people.

Take the relaxation back to your home country. And your life will remain your friendly companion.