Body release

Freed of its weight on land, the body experiences in the water a very pleasant relief and release, becoming soft, flowing and supple like a water plant.

Chronic tensions gradually dissolve through the flowing and purifying quality of water, through its healing energy


Creating space for feelings

The water takes you on a journey to your inner source, opening you lightly and playfully to long forgotten memories and feelings.

Our body consists largely of water, and we spend the first months of our life in water – in our mother’s womb.

AquaWellness quickly brings you in contact with these primal memories of the liquid element and its healing forces. You may reconnect with your own power, gain new confidence and let go of old fears.


Pleasure for the senses

AquaWellness is a wholesome pleasure, a relaxing delight for your whole body and soul. Your body energies and senses will start to flow. And you can just be at ease as you are!


Delicate skin massage

The gentle rocking movements in the water additionally give the skin surface a very delicate massage.


Nourishment for the soul

AquaWellness allows you to float in the blue waters and glide down into weightless expanses.

You will discover spaces of silence and light in yourself. Thinking stops and meditation happens playfully and naturally all by itself ...


Dance under water

... and whenever you are ready, we will begin a deeper dance, under the surface of the water.

A soft nose-clamp prevents the water from entering, so that you can be guided safely by well-trained hands to experience and enjoy the waving movements of your spine as well as the rolled-up feeling of the fetus in the mother’s womb.


Foto Michael Glück


Foto Michael Glück

Du bist Teil einer endlosen Energie

eine Welle im endlosen Ozean.

Wenn du dich immer wieder daran erinnern kannst,

wirst du nie Energie verlieren,

weil dir immer eine endlose,

immer volle Quelle

zur Verfügung steht.

Du bist nur eine Welle,

und in der Tiefe liegt der Ozean verborgen.

Lebe wie der Ozean!

Sei der Ozean!




Samhita Special:

AquaWellness for people who are afraid of the water

Is it your great wish to let go trustfully in the water? To experience unlimited pleasure and delight in a swimming pool, in a lake, or in the ocean, like everybody else? However, there is some fear holding you back?

I will be by your side, well-trained, with great sensitivity and firmly ”rooted” on my legs in the water, to accompany you through your adventure of ”going just a little step further” and ”going beyond your limits”. I will help you feel where you do not need to hold, where you can let go into trust, knowing you are in safe hands … Your trust will grow – your trust in yourself, in your own ability and power.

Take this opportunity that’s inviting you to go beyond your fear, to come home to yourself and rest at ease in your own being!


AquaWellness - and I feel good !!

In this world, nothing is softer

and more supple than water.

But nothing is more powerful

in attacking the solid and the strong.

The weak may win over the strong,

the tender may force the rigid.

Lao Tzu